Who we are?

At BLUE RABIN TRADING, our customized solutions are highly innovative, strategic, and cost-efficient. All the procurement needs of our client’s technical and management requirements are delivered to the highest standards through our professional expertise.
Our experienced professionals offer services with an extensive amalgamation of technology and our specialized team to deliver clients an unparalleled procurement & supply chain experience. We ensure that our services enable our clients to enhance their core capabilities as well as improve their supply-chain efficiency. BLUE RABIN TRADING serves a diversified range of industries including oil production, drilling, petrochemical processing, mining, gas treatment, refining, energy, heavy engineering, chemicals, construction, and many more by supporting their procurement supply chains.
We leverage our global accessibility and effective supplier relationships to meet our clients’ needs, promising long-term value which makes BLUE RABIN TRADING highly cost-effective.
The key to our timely and efficient delivery is our people. The knowledge and experience of some of our tenured employees enable us to continuously develop and update our approach towards providing customized and innovative supply chains. Our sourcing team holds extensive specialization in numerous engineering sectors, critically examining the proposed supply before it reaches our end customer, hence ensuring the highest quality service. Clients are always given the utmost priority and we ensure complete confidentiality, striking a balance between our clients and our suppliers. We believe in creativity which is supported by how our workplaces are structured.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the most efficient team of professionals within the Process Industry Sector in Asia, Europe & all over the world markets and make it our purpose to consistently remain at the top.
To respect the environment, we have accustomed all our ability and genius in providing high quality and original equipment, and we adhere to and value the principle of healthy and fair trade. We deliver the supplies with responsible land and we have the safety and stability of our customers in our hearts. We provide site equipment and spare parts for Oil & Gas refineries as well as Petrochemical Companies with the utmost commitment to building trusting relationships with our customers and partners.

Our Vision

We will place our customers at the center of all our actions. We will remain focused on building client relationships and loyalty through a culture of service orientation. We will make available and deliver by all visible channels, a comprehensive range of services to our esteemed client base. We will develop a sense of pride, ownership, and responsiveness across all levels of our company. This will reflect in our dealings with clients and fellow employees. Whilst staying focused on our clients and stakeholders, we will be aware of our responsibility towards the community and contribute constructively to our local, social, and economic environment.

We will not lose sight of our vision and that we will be the best in our field.

Energy is vital to our daily lives. Over the coming decades, more people will gain access to energy and enjoy higher standards of living. At the same time, climate change remains a serious concern. We use human ingenuity, innovation, and technology to unlock more, cleaner energy for the years ahead.
We supply industrial material and equipment to corporate and distributing companies in many industries worldwide including Oil and Gas and Petrochemical companies, as well as construction companies. We will value innovation highly. Our passion for it will enable us to be at the sharp end of modern management methods and technological advances to ensure that we have the best resources and know-how for our clients based across the globe.


We are a global supplier in the industrial energy and construction field. We possess professional engineering skills with high added value for all industrial and construction projects.

We support our clients throughout the entire project cycle - from supplying their heavy requirements to smaller needs.
The health and safety of people and operations, attention to environmental impact, and collaboration with local stakeholders are our priorities.



In addition to technical solutions, we also offer a wide range of other services throughout our product portfolio in relation to our eligible partners from Germany.

“Ensure customer satisfaction through quality, delivery, and cost optimization. To establish BLUE RABIN TRADING as a premier engineering procurement brand in the GLOBAL MARKET.”
BLUE RABIN TRADING aspire to serve its clients with quality supplies of equipment and spares, with swift turnarounds at the most competitive prices. We collaborate with reputed suppliers globally, providing a pool of quality assured products irrespective of which part of the world our client belongs to.
As a business, our customers are leaders in the market, hence, we adhere to stringent customer-oriented policies, always establishing an efficient supply chain at highly competitive prices. We pledge to timely delivery, taking on the requirement of the client and finding their solutions through our global network, earning trust and goodwill across the globe for the work we do.